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My name is Aniekan Udofia. I would describe myself as a painter and illustrator. Well being a creative here in DC, it's necessary to incorporate a Some of the elements of the city into some of the pieces. Take me to 1234 9th Street. Directions to 1234 9th Street Northwest. I start from one medium and go to the next. And in my mind it's always like go further. I try to incorporate that in more of the public works. My name is Nikki Barnes. As a creative professional, I would be more classified as an artist. I create designs that are inspired by just everyday things. I actually am drawn to Georgetown a lot. Georgetown has changed over the years. It's almost like reinventing itself. And I love that. So, a couple years ago my son would actually run into my sewing room. He would take of course my buttons and throw them everywhere. He pushed me to go further and be that phenomenal designer and mom and seem The pinnacles I coud reach. Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Chef Daniel Thomas, your culinary creator for the world's most powerful appetites. Some people call me a celebrity chef because of the clientele that I have. And some people just call me a food connoisseur. I'm an entrepreneur now. Before I was one of the head chefs for the United States Senate, the President, and all foreign heads of state. So I was always at the capitol, running the executive dining room, I've cooked it for over 100 foreign heads of state, now I have the honor of making it on my own with my own business, where I manage the diets of celebrities, politicians, kings and queens, making sure they stay healthy. It's all about food, we have embassies from almost every country here in Washington, DC, food brings people back together. I would say my mission is to change lives one tablespoon at a time. I'm Steve Smith I'm the singer of the band. I'm Silk and I'm the drummer. I'm Aria O'Neal and I'm the guitarist. I'm Frank, I'm the bass player. I'm Reed. And we are The Fix. We're just a bunch of musicians and artists that came together to form our sound. [MUSIC] It's pretty much how things work here, you know Steve handles the R&B, handles the hip hop, and they're great at what they do on the instruments. We have a sound of like the Old DC I would say. Some of that good background of good R&B. It's hard to really find music these days that's not just how some people would say like 711. Just a good set of lines, have a good time. Our music is timeless, it's a feel good vibe. Different, that's us. Yeah. It's your girl, Loni Love, at the My City 4 Ways. We're having a good time, this is DC. Look up #MyFordCity and go find it. [LAUGH] [MUSIC]

Get to know Washington D.C. in a way you’ve never seen it before. Four local creatives take us on an exploration of the nation’s capital through food, music, art and style.

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