Black Travel Vibes: This Utah Escape Was Out Of This World
Photo Credit: @chaemichael

Red-rock cliffs, sandstone deserts, and snow-covered mountain peaks combine to give Utah an otherworldly look that can make you feel like you’re somewhere other than the United States.

When it comes to domestic escapes most people opt for cities like Miami, Vegas or Los Angeles, but don’t sleep on this southwestern state. From playful animal sanctuaries and calming waves of Antelope Canyon to biking the Moab desert and relaxing at luxurious spas, there’s a lot to do in Utah for travelers looking for a different kind of vacation.

One explorer who decided to discover a lesser-known side to the underrated domestic getaway was Detroit native Chae Michael (@chaemichael). He took his adventure to new heights by uncovering hidden gems that looked out of this world. If your goal for 2020 is to explore more of the United States, take a page from Chae’s book – and our exclusive guide – and find the magic that awaits you in your own backyard.

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