5 Ways to Create Melanin Magic During A Visit To Thailand
(Image credit: Trisara hotel in Phuket)

Whether you’re scrolling through your Instagram feed or reading travel magazines, it’s easy to see that Southeast Asia is having a moment. From Cambodia’s jungle vegetation to the Philippines’ crystal clear lagoons, one of the greatest benefits of traveling to this region of the world is its diverse landscape. For travelers looking to experience a bit of both beach and city, Thailand is a great start. The country, nicknamed The Land of Smiles, is bordered by Myanmar and Laos and has a year-round tropical climate. Add to this hotel options for literally every budget and full meals that cost less than ten dollars, and yes, you’ve struck travel gold. I spent ten days in the country, weaving through Bangkok in tuk-tuks and exposing my skin to the glorious sun in Phuket (this New York winter has been so cruel). 

If you too are ready to activate your melanin in an incredibly affordable and safe country, here the five ways to prepare for a trip through Thailand:

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