This Mommy-and-Me Photoshoot is the Feel Good Travel Moment You Needed Today

Photo Credit: Felicia Cameron

Felicia Cameron's travel adventure to Cuba with her daughter proves that the fun - and jetsetting - doesn't have to stop once you have kids.

When it comes to reasons why people shouldn’t travel with their kids, mom Felicia Cameron has heard them all, but she wasn’t going to let the opinions of others stop her from seeing the world with her adorable baby girl, Skyler.

Recently, Felicia and Sklyer went on a bucket list adventure all the way to Cuba for a mommy-and-me getaway – and photoshoot – that will melt the hearts of even the hardest naysayers.

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In an Instagram post captioned “Them: she won’t even remember. Me: well, that’s what pictures are for ♥️♥️ •• looking forward to making an abundance of travel memories with my mini-me.,” Cameron shared the absolute cutest photos of the pair spreading their #BlackGirlMagic through the colorful streets of Havana.

Photo Credit: Felicia Cameron

While Cameron acknowledges it can be challenging traveling with kids, especially an infant, in comparison to one’s child-free days, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience she believes is totally worth it.

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Photo Credit: Felicia Cameron

“Traveling with an infant takes planning and patience, but it’s absolutely possible and a wonderful bonding experience with your baby.”