This Influencer Turns Up The Heat All Over The World
Photo Credit: @whereintheworldisb

Travel, it’s one of the things in life that truly makes us richer. From exploring diverse cultures and landscapes to epic adventures and delicious cuisines, there’s no shortage of ways travel can inspire you. But you know another aspect of travel that will have you ready to see some world – hot influeners!

Nothing gets your passport juices flowing like some global eye candy turning up the heat in some of your favorite bucket list destinations. When we came across travel engineer and photographer Brian McIntosh’s IG feed (@whereintheworldisb), the temperature in the room immediately got a little, well, hot. From South Beach to South Africa, this Canadian chocolate boy wonder is clearly on the journey of a lifetime and we’re ready to book a flight and follow him anywhere. Especially if he promises to keep taking his shirt off!

With over 50,000 followers hanging on to his every social media move, it’s clear that we’re not the only ones under Brian’s travel influencer spell. Even with 81 countries under his belt, we can’t wait to see where his stamps take him next.

If you’re looking for a little something to warm you up on this chilly winter day, check out a few photos from Brian’s jaunts to see why we’ve got a crush on this travel junkie. Trust us, after one look, you’ll want to know where in the world B is too!