These Glamping Getaways Are Perfect For Exploring Nature in Style
Photo Credit: Under Canvas

When you think of spending the night outdoors, your mind may quickly wander to flimsy tents, hard damp surfaces, crappy food and creepy crawling things that bite. None of the above sounds appealing, which is why camping is hardly ever a top contender on folk’s must-experience list.

Thankfully, the universe heard our cries and created a travel moment that allows those curious about that camp life to enjoy nature without sacrificing comfort. Glamping — luxury camping — was created for travelers who want the best of both worlds: nature and amenities. The experience has become so popular that the word glamping was added to the dictionary in 2018.

If you’ve been married to archaic ideas about camping and want to try something new, these three glamping adventures are just what you need to change your mind.

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