Rock Your Road Trip With These 7 Steps To A Great Getaway

Grab your loved ones and buckle up for an exciting adventure this spring. We've got you covered on how to prep and where to go.

Leslie E. Royal Apr, 06, 2017

You’ve talked about it. Now it’s time to seize the moment for an excursion on four wheels with your girls, family, partner, sorority or church group. Whether you desire to go cross-country, or drive for hours within your state, be refreshed with new scenery this spring.

This feature originally appeared in the April 2017 Issue of ESSENCE Magazine.

“A road trip is a way to have uninterrupted time with people you cherish. The experience offers connection while exploring,” says Annita Thomas, on-air host of Travel Bags With Annita. Here are her tips for your next outing.

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Plan your accommodations, food stops and tours in advance.

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#2 Research state laws on driving, including cell phone usage. Review your route with GPS, Google Maps or the Waze traffic app before leaving.

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Share the complete itinerary with loved ones before you depart.


Discuss details with fellow travelers, including budget, sleeping arrangements, designated drivers and specific wants and needs, to minimize surprises.

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Have your car serviced and pay close attention to the tires, battery and fluids. Bring a spare tire, jumper cables, flashlight, first-aid kit, car manual and phone chargers.

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Pack sunglasses, earplugs, slippers, a journal, a camera, a swimsuit, hand sanitizer, sunscreen, tissues, a shawl, and comfortable sleepwear and travel clothes.

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Leave home any work, excessive luggage, drama and any guilt on what and who was left behind. This is your opportunity to refill your cup.