Black Travel Vibes: Become Obsessed With The Culture Of South Korea
Photo Credit: @rianna_gallery

For many, travel to Asia usually consists of hotspots like Singapore, Japan or Thailand. They often skip over an Asian gem that’s filled with, culture and and adventures waiting to be discovered.

South Korea offers more than what meets the eye. From quirky events like the Boryeong Mud Festival to remote islands, diverse nature, mouth-watering culinary experiences, and even surprising activities like skiing in Pyeongchang county (which once played host to the Winter Olympics), its easy to fall in love with Korean culture.

Content creator Rianna (@rianna_gallery) recently visited South Korea and from the moment she arrived, she couldn’t get enough of the country’s beauty. “Everything is so pretty in South Korea I’m obsessed. My battery dies twice a day because I’ve been taken so many photos and videos,” she says.

Want to know why travelers like Rianna are falling head over heels for South Korea? Check out a few photos from her journey and grab some tips from our exclusive guide, so that you can plan your own Asian adventure and find out for yourself!