‘I Just Had To Shut Down’: Vivica Fox Started 2022 With A 10-Day Vacation All By Herself — And We’re Inspired
Arnold Turner/Getty Images for A Manny Halley Production

If you just have to get on a plane and travel with all that’s going on in the world (COVID), one way to do it safely and that’s sure to bring you a good time is to go the solo route. Actress and Cocktails With Queens co-host Vivica A. Fox recently took a 10-day trip alone and used it as an opportunity to unplug. Now we’re sold on the idea of making ourselves unavailable with a lengthy solo getaway.

As the story goes that she shared with the ladies of The Real, after spending Thanksgiving with her family in Indianapolis and enjoying Christmas with her godchildren, for New Year’s celebrations, she just wanted to enjoy her own company for a while.

“I took a 10-day vacation all by myself,” she told the hosts, who were surprised and intrigued at the fact that she took an extended trip solo. But it made perfect sense.

“Last year I was so busy. I was busy and blessed and I just had to shut down,” she said. “I had no more energy left for anyone. I literally was like, ‘Everybody, back up.’ I needed to do it for Vivica.”

So the star took off to the Caribbean and soaked up the sun and sand, taking no calls — except for the occasional ones coming from her family, who didn’t get that she was really on vacation.

“I’ve never done that before. I went to the Islands and just kind of sat back, laid in the sun and thanked God for another year,” she said. “But to not answer the phone — my family got on my nerves more than anybody else. ‘Cause they kept hitting me! ‘Hey!’ Didn’t I tell you I was on vacation!? They were like, ‘Oh ok! Alright! Ok. Alright.'”

We are all here for it, and you don’t have to go international to do it. While it’s always fun to enjoy a girls trip or a baecation, there’s something about getting the chance to be somewhere else, doing what you want, how you want, when you want, alone. It offers opportunities to read, to sleep, to eat at the restaurants you want (or sleep in, ordering room service and catching up on streaming favorites). The sky is the limit when you put yourself first. However you choose to do it, who’s dedicating more time in 2022 to self-care?


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