Black Travel Vibes: Get Into The Sky High Views Of Singapore
Photo Credit: @chocolategoddesstravels

Secret gardens, multicultural cuisine, and futuristic vibes are only some of the reasons why Singapore has long been a hotspot amongst Black travelers. Though the island city-state off southern Malaysia isn’t as backpacker friendly as some of its popular cousins like Thailand and Vietnam, its Crazy Rich Asians vibes keep people coming back for more.

The biggest draw of Singapore? The chance to take in sky-high views from the world’s largest rooftop infinity pool located a whopping 57 levels above the city. That bucket-list-check is exactly what brought worldwide wanderer @chocolategoddesstravels to the area, and the experience was everything she dreamed of and more.

Check out a few other highlights from her travels to Singapore and take heed to our useful tips so that you can achieve your Crazy Rich Asian dreams too.