Black Travel Vibes: A Visit To Rwanda Will Make You Feel At Home
Photo Credit: @senz_m

Majestic volcanoes, lush rain forests and beautiful beaches off Lake Kivu are just a few of the things that make Rwanda one of the continent’s most stunning, yet underrated travel destinations.

For many years the country’s tumultuous history kept tourists away and missing out on its unmatched beauty. That’s all beginning to change. Many travelers looker for experiences that run deeper than Instagram worthy photos have turned to Rwanda for once-in-a-lifetime moments they know they won’t find anywhere else. Even other Africans, like South African native Senzelwe Mthembu (@senz_m) have begun exploring the country’s wonders and found that in many ways, Rawanda feels like a home away from home.

Take a look at our exclusive guide to learn more about all there is to discover in Rwanda so you can plan your own African adventure of a lifetime.

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