10 Reasons To Visit Martinique ASAP

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From the lighthouse views to the delicious seafood, a recent visitor tells all.

Rondel Holder May, 22, 2017

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Take a quick trip to the Lighthouse to take in an epic view of the Caravelle Peninsula showing you waters from both the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean sea. 

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The food in Martinique was to die for. Traditional Caribbean dishes with French preparation and flair are great for the taste buds. 

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One of the best parts of travel to Martinique is the cost. Norwegian Airlines provides low cost, high quality flights to the island, often times under $200 round trip from NYC.

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Like most Caribbean islands, there is no shortage of amazing beaches in Martinique. My favorite by far is Anse d'Ahlet. There you’ll find pristine waters, a fun boardwalk and the picturesque St. Henry Catholic Church.

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Watch a Bele show or better yet, take a class.  Bele is a traditional dance from Martinique that was performed by slaves to communicate celebrations and grievances without their oppressors understanding.

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There are so many sites to see in Martinique. These mountains are called La Dame Couchée (Translation: The Lady Lying Down) because the outline looks like the profile of a woman lying on her back. Do you see it?

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We stayed at French Coco, a Small Luxury Hotel. The design made you feel one with nature while also living in luxury – very representative of the island of Martinique. The villas are surrounded by greenery that almost allows you to fade into nature. The highlight though, your suite comes with a private plunge pool. Nothing says you’re living a life of leisure like a dipping in your backyard pool. 

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A trip to Martinique is not complete without visiting the Anse Caffard Slave Memorial. It stands out as the most sobering but remarkable visual of the trip, paying homage to African ancestors brought over to the island by the French.

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Ever wanted to try the most expensive bottle of rum in the world? Well, it’s right here at the Clement Rhum Factory where you’ll get to try all types of exotic flavors of rum at varying strengths.

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Take a guided tour at the preserved Chateau Dubuc, a former slave castle in the Caravelle Peninsula of Martinique. Not only will you be standing in history, but you will simultaneously take in some of the best views on the island.


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