Rain No Stop We! 26 Times New York Carnival Proved The Fete Must Go On
Photo Credit: @louis_jfoto

Summer may be winding down but when it comes time to fete, the party never stops. Next up on the carnival train is New York’s annual West Indian Day Parade, and when we tell you it was vibes…it was vibes.

The weather thought it would put a damper on the show with scattered showers throughout the day but Mother Nature didn’t know that a likkle rain no stop we! True bacchanalists took to the streets of Brooklyn amidst torrential downpours to get on bad and represent their culture. Flags waved high, soca and reggae filled the air and waistlines wined well into the night, proving once again that nobody fetes like Brooklyn. We said what we said!

Check out these photos from this year’s West Indian Day Parade and remember, if yuh ‘fraid ah likkle water, yuh cyah fete wit we.

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