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[MUSIC] Hey, everybody I am so excited. I am in My City 4 Ways in Atlanta sponsored by Ford. I'm gonna talk to some great influences, I cannot wait, let's do this. [MUSIC] Hey, girl, how are you? Hello, I'm I'm good, how are you? What's your name and what do you do? My name is Kashmir, I'm an artist. So this is a great event for you here at My City Four Ways. It is. Can you tell me four ways to get out of a creative rut. One of the things that I do is I don't panic. I always look to other artists for inspiration. Sometimes I look at my family for inspiration. And sometimes, if I don't know what I want to do. Do, I just start painting. And then something will come up. Right. Wow, maybe I need to do that with writing jokes. Maybe I'll just write a letter. Just write a word [LAUGH] And just try to make a joke around the random word. [MUSIC]. [MUSIC] Well, since you're a food blogger, tell me, what are the four ultimate Atlanta dishes? My goodness, I only get four. Okay, so I would say absolutely our fried chicken. Yes. I love crispy, juicy fried chicken. Soul food, we have the game on lock. We're a southern haven for all things soul food. I love our signature shrimp and grits. And I would say catfish. [MUSIC] So what's four ways to dress for success? One have a nice suit. Even if its an inexpensive suit get it tailored. Okay. Second, I would say look like the part that you are trying to dress for. The job that you're going for. Just look like money. If you look like money, you're gonna get money. [LAUGHING] I heard that. One more. Them black pumps. A black pair of pumps will take you real far. Girl. Four inches that is. [MUSIC] We are here, you know ya city four ways. What are your four pre ritual things that you do before a, you prepare for a performance. Well you got to use a restroom right?>> Yeah, I do all the time.>> See, everytime?>> I think I'm ready and then. Hold on.>> [LAUGH] I just got to be in my body and use some of the principles of yoga and all that, where some of them are even doing basic stretches I learned. I like to be present around Venue too so I wanna look at the audience a little bit, see what's going on out here. Yeah. So you check it out before? I check it out. [MUSIC]
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