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My name is Kenya Freeman. My brand is Sobia Mali. I describe myself as a fashion designer. I am everything a woman's ready to wear. I create women's ready-to-wear. Ready-to-wear would be, I guess you can call it things that you wear every day. Easily accessible. Double pieces not your avant garde. I decided to work with Factory 404. One, cuz they're local and we have help each other. And then two because when I first got going in this business they would want to Let the first people to say, "Hey, let me help you. I know you have a tight budget but I'm going to take you on". And I keep them moving so, I totally appreciated that. So, I think the essence and work programming is amazing. I very much appreciate that they, want to highlight talent in the cities, specially in the city of Atlanta. Being that there is so much talent, you know, in this town. So it will definitely help me to gain more visibility to the [UNKNOWN] brand. So the second location that I chose was Fine Fabrics. Fine Fabrics is probably our largest fabric store in the city of Atlanta. They have almost everything you need, from buttons to hangers, to dress forms and every piece of fabric you can name. The prices are good, they are very friendly and very helpful. Even if you say, hey I need 20 yards and I'll pay you next week. [LAUGH] They are willing to work with you because especially as a brand, they know you know what it takes to get to the next level. And I spend a lot of time there. I'm there at least. Four day ride of the week. Tees & Quotes is dear to me because again they are always there for me. Mother Cynthia and I love those guys so I always have to give back to them as much as they give to me. I really enjoy driving the Ford Fusion. I really like the knob where you can put it in park, reverse or drive. I can be able to have my music going. And a navigation and to be hands free when a phone call comes in and is incredible. There are several places that I go in the city where when I'm not under the sewing machine that I go just so I can refuel. So I think that Essence and Ford program will help me go farther by gaining this ability. Lead to the brand and let everyone know great things Atlanta has to offer
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