This Mother-Daughter Adventure Reminds Us That Moms Make Great Travel Buddies
Photo Credit: @dashingdomotravels

Most of us can recall a story of that one time we tried to plan a trip with our crew, only for the epic adventure to end up a getaway for one. It’s hard to find people willing to get up, get out and explore the world with you these days. But for some travelers, there’s one person who has been by our side trying get these stamps with us since day one – our moms.

Sometimes we forget that our mothers were part of our O.G. squad taking us on adventures to see everything from history at our local museums, and road trips to grandma’s house to fun-filled summers at the beach and beyond. And when she couldn’t tag along, she was the one encouraging us to be brave and globetrot on our own as long as we promised a few “mama I’m safe” phone calls, of course.

For jetsetting mom Domo (@dashingdomotravels), there’s nothing more special than showing her baby girl Aniyah the globe’s wonders. From protecting their zen in Thailand to being Black girl chic in Paris, this mommy-and-me duo is too cute for words. Trust us, one look at their photos and you’ll be inspired to call up your favorite travel girl and plan a mother-daughter adventure of your own.

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