Black Travel Vibes: Indulge In The Mediterranean Vibes Of Malta
Photo Credit: @silvianjoki

The Mediterranean is home to coastal jewels travelers love to explore like Italy’s Amalfi Coast and Croatia. However, one destination in the region many still tend to sleep on is the beautiful island nation of Malta.

From historic sites like the baroque St. John’s Co-Cathedral and the Azure Window with its impressive seaside views to island hopping to nearby Gozo for a day of hiking, there is so much to discover in Malta. Kenyan fashion writer Silvia Njoki (@silvianjoki) recently went on a Maltese escape and the beauty she captured left us speechless.

With 2020 just a few months away, we know you’re looking for new places to wander, and between our exclusive guide and Silvia’s stunning images, we’re pretty confident that Malta will make it to the top of your travel wish list.

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