These Luxurious Accommodations Will Change Your Mind About Hostels
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It’s no secret that hostels get a bad rap. The first thing that comes to mind for most people are dark, dirty, bunkbed and stranger filled rooms in shady parts of town, with the only upside being that they are budget friendly and more conducive to making new friends. And if you’ve seen the movies Taken or Hostel, the upsides don’t ease your fears. If the above is your idea of what staying in a hostel is like, let me tell you something – you’re wrong! While there are definitely some hostels that fit the creepy bill, these days the travel industry is beginning to cater more towards “Flashpackers,” or people who want the budget and social friendly atmosphere of a traditional hostel, with the “flash” and amenities of a hotel. Gone are the days of being stuffed into cramped dorm like rooms, luxury hostels provide you with the privacy and luxury deserving of a hardworking jetsetter – without totally blowing your budget. Don’t believe us? Check out a few luxury accommodations that will leave you feeling far from Taken, and change your mind about trying a hostel on your next getaway.