Black Travel Vibes: Explore The Colorful Side Of London
Photo Credit: @tostos_

There’s no doubt about it, London is a destination that finds its way onto many travelers’ wish list. And can you blame them? Bright red double-decker buses, cobblestone streets, stylish neighborhoods, iconic sights, and let’s not forget that our girl Meghan Markle is now the Duchess of Sussex. In short, London is a vibe.

Despite its popularity, however, many visitors have yet to uncover all of its hidden gems. Thankfully, we have jetsetters like content creator Alexandriah Sho-Silva (@tostos_) to show us around her city and introduce us to a side of London we haven’t seen. Follow Alexandriah along through the vibrant British streets to see the city through her eyes, and check out our exclusive guide so that you know how to move when you hit London-town.

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