Black Travel Vibes: Feel The Local Vibes of Jamaica
Photo Credit: @motivational_gypsy

From the moment you touch down, the energy of Jamaica penetrates your soul and fills you with its laid back spirit. The bustling streets, sandy beaches, friendly locals and body-rocking reggae riddims’ will make you feel connected to the country’s culture.

There’s no right or wrong way to experience this paradise, however, if you want to skip some of the more traditional tourist haunts and get a real sense of the island’s vibes, then you gotta explore like a local. Malik Jackson (@motivational_gypsy) is a proud Jamaican who loves to show off the beauty of his country through his eyes. Recently he returned home, camera in tow, to reveal a side of the travel hotspot we don’t typically see.

Our exclusive guide will help you plan the escape you’ll need this winter season, but for the real inspiration, check out these photos from Malik’s journey to see why every little thing is gonna be alright on the sunny isle of Jamaica.

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