The city of Houston is almost synonymous with Beyoncé. Rightfully so — Queen Bey put the city on the map in terms of global exposure. Take for example, she showed her true Houston pride when she famously told us in Flawless, “I’m out that H-town coming, coming down.” There are a wide range of options, though most include food (which is no surprise since Houston is known for its diverse culinary scene), you’ll be in for the weekend (or week) of a lifestyle. Who knows, you may even have a Beyoncé (or Solange) spotting during your trip! The Menil Collection In the words of the old Kanye, Beyoncé is one of those “I like art” type of girls. So if you find yourself looking for some culture and contemporary art when you visit Houston, the Menil Collection has some exquisite works of art that will take your breath away. During her last visit, Queen Bey posted in front of William N. Copley’s retrospective and because it’s the Queen herself, was an IG moment. St. John’s United Methodist Church Quite possibly the most historic of your Beyoncé themed Houston visit, make sure you check out the place that Beyoncé sang her first solo — the stage at St. John’s United Methodist Church, also known as St. John’s Downtown. The Knowles family were frequent visitors to St. John’s and they all still has ties to to this day In fact, the same place that a young Beyoncé. honed her voice, is the same place that she chose to visit in 2017 to meet with Hurricane Harvey survivors. Frenchy’s Chicken It wouldn’t be a Houston visit without some good down country soul food. And Frenchy’s honey, is the best of the best (so much so that Bey even named dropped it on “Bow Down/I Been On”). In a video posted to Miss Tina Lawson’s Instagram account, Tina tells her fans that Frenchy’s—which has been around since 1969—is her “old stomping ground,” and that the chain has the “best chicken in the world,” while her daughter poses with fans in the background. The Fun-Plex for Roller City USA Want to reenact the video for “Blow”? Well this is the place you need to visit. A family entertainment venue on the south side of town, it’s a fun place to get your skate on with your girls, or even your guys. It’s also fun for the whole family, if you decide to bring the babies with you to Houston too! B&B Butchers & Restaurant It’s good to be a Carter. And if you want to live it up like one, visit B&B Butchers & Restaurant. Beyoncé, Jay Z and Blue Ivy regularly rent a private room at downtown’s B&B to feast on bellinis, wagyu carpaccio and crème brûlée. While you may not have the Carter bank roll, you can still ball there on a budget. The Houston Rockets Whether you’re into sports or not, a Houston Rockets game will always be a good time (if only for the eye candy). Not only will you spot Beyoncé court side, but at one point she was even exploring a stake in the Houston Rockets. That’s how much our girl is repping for her hometown team. The Breakfast Klub Listen, if you’ve never heard of The Breakfast Klub, then you are seriously missing out. The menu is just like it sounds — breakfast, but 10x better than any breakfast restaurant you’ve probably been to. It’s a staple in the Houston community, so you never know who you might run into waiting in line. A favorite among Beyoncé, this should be included on any Houston visit. Be sure to get there early however, because the line is always wrapped around the block! TOPICS: