After months of working (and studying) from home, being just about anywhere else sounds better than the daily confines of a home office during a global pandemic. Especially if you can swap the moment out for spectacular views of sandy beaches or picturesque mountain landscapes to enjoy during your Zoom meetings. 

And with millions of Americans still shut out of the office by COVID-19 concerns, it’s no surprise that the novelty of working from home is wearing thin for many. In fact, a survey conducted by management consulting firm Korn Ferry in June, found that half of the 1,044 people surveyed were reluctant to return to the office because of health concerns — so companies can anticipate empty office chairs for quite some time.

So why “work from home” when you can work from anywhere? Especially if your remote workspace is in socially distant vacation destination. If you’re plotting out your WFH/WFA situation and need a few recommendations, these hotels are transforming rooms into a remote workplace equipped to handle you and the whole family.


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