Black Travel Vibes: Hong Kong Is The Perfect Place To Reclaim Your Zen
Photo Credit: @she.just.left

When it comes to travel, many Black women are still a bit apprehensive about going at it alone. Fortunately, over the last few years, we’ve broken free from fear and have started discovering the world (and ourselves) through solo travel.

These days, you can find us crisscrossing the globe from Cartagena to Capetown on our own and loving every moment of it. One region of the world that has always been pretty receptive to solo women travelers of color is Asia. Countries like Thailand and Indonesia are not only affordable but easy to navigate and offer plenty to do and see.

Houston native Alexis (@she.just.left) took off on a solocation to Hong Kong and other parts of Asia, and her adventures prove why it can be life-changing to see some world by your lonesome. Check out these highlights from her Hong Kong getaway, and take notes from our travel guide so that you can be prepared for the solocation you’ve always dreamed of.