7 Once-in-a-Lifetime Getaways

If You’re Nature Lovers

Experience the Wonders of Yosemite National Park You don’t always needs your passport to see something beautiful. The spectacular Yosemite National Park is close to home, and definitely one of the most spectacular places you’ll ever visit. If you’re nature lovers, this trips for you. Head to Yosemite Valley to hike or bike along breathtaking trails with unforgettable views of granite cliffs, waterfalls, the Sierra Nevada mountains, and the Giant Sequoia groves. When you’re done, take a bust tour of the massive landmark, or try to spot your favorite wild animal. Just don’t forget your camera. There’s more beauty here than your eyes can behold, and you won’t need to spend a fortune to enjoy it. Don’t Miss: Tunnel View and Top Half Dome Hike. Visit the official park site to start planning your trip.

If You’re Looking to Face Your Fears

Take to the Skies in Costa Rica There’s something about being terrified and amazed at the same time that really thrills. Riding high in the skies on a zip line in Costa Rica will take you and your girls there. As long as you can let go, the ride will be one you ladies will never forget. Zipline through a forest canopy or hike an active volcano for two exhilarating days of nonstop girl-power fun.Don’t Miss: Visiting an active volcano or learning about one of the 12 unique ecological zones on the island.

If You Want to Be at Sea

Take to the Seas in Hawaii If you and the girls plan a visit to any of the magical Hawaiian islands anytime between December and May you’ll get to see the magnificent humpback whales that call the state home. Grab your binoculars and get your whale watching on. Tourists who visit swear spotting the gentle giants jump in ant out of sea is one of the most spectacular things Hawaii has to offer, and a truly breathtaking sight to see. The humpback whales are still endangered species so you’ll be witnessing a moment that may not exist forever. What could be more thrilling than that? Plus, while you’re there you can take advantage of the rest of the beauty and thrills Hawaii has to offer – go snorkeling in a coral reef or scuba dive with some of the most beautiful fish and sea turtles you’ll ever see. Don’t Miss: An intimate outdoor luau experience or sunrise at Haleakala National Park, Maui’s highest point. Visit Hawaii’s official tourism site to start planning your trip.

If You Like to Go To Extremes

Explore the Alaskan Wilderness Trade in your usual trip plans for a chance to explore the unexpected and unforgettable in the Alaskan wilderness. Perfect for outdoor enthusiasts looking to hone their skills. Skim the wilderness in a “bush” plane, take a dog sled ride, or hike on an ice age glacier. Can’t you just imagine how jealous your friends will be when they see your Facebook status updates?There’s something to do year-round in Alaska. If you’re visiting in the summer, kayak on coastal waters or take an off-road jeep adventure. Just be sure to keep those eyes open, you’ll be hanging out on brown bear turf. Don’t Miss: The Alaska Railroad Day trip is a must. To start booking your Alaskan travel plans visit the official state tourism site

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If You Want to Relax Like Never Before

Escape to a Colorado Spa Retreat Colorado is known for it’s spectacular spa resorts. If rest and relaxation is what you’re after, consider retreating to one of the state’s many premier spas. This isn’t your neighborhood spa we’re talking about – consider it stress rehab – at many retreats you’re told to unplug completely upon entering, often tucking away your technological gadgets for safe keeping. Spend a week relaxing in steam pools and saunas and bathing in mineral baths. After a long (easy) day of doing almost nothing but relaxing, come back to your soundproof rooms and sink into the softest bedding ever. What are you waiting for? Doesn’t this sound like an adventure you must have? We thought so! Visit Colorado.com to find the spa resort that’s right for your group.

If You’re Animal Lovers

Go On A Wildlife Retreat at Yellowstone National Park If you’re idea of an unforgettable moment is pitching a tent in paradise and waking up to find a grizzly cub eating your breakfast, then Yellowstone National Park will be an ideal summer destination for you. Plan to hike through the ultimate outdoorsy getaway, complete with steaming geysers, multi-colored water pools, and rich forests. After your hike, pitch a tent on the public campground or stay in a nearby park lodge. Be sure to have your camera’s handy because highly possible an elk, bison, or wolf will pay you a visit during your stay. Don’t Miss: Yellowstone River rafting and the horseback into the Absaroka Mountains. Visit the official park site to start planning your trip.

If You’re a Food Enthusiast

Embark on a Culinary Adventure Culinary tours are the latest craze for foodies looking for unique vacation ideas. Research an authentic culinary vacation that will tempt, tease, and then please your taste buds. The possibilities are endless. Take a flavorful Caribbean cruise adventure, or indulge in and embrace Italy’s passion for food. Gossip and giggle as you taste test one delicious meal after another and wash them down with fine wine and a true good time with your girls. Visit specialty sites like CookingVacations.com or Epitourean.com to book your culinary adventure.