Black Travel Vibes: Look Toward The Future In Dubai
Photo Credit: @iamtyrenee

Despite being a relatively new city compared to the rest of the world’s hotspots, Dubai is a destination firmly planted in the future. From record-breaking attractions to a unique culinary scene, the Middle Eastern playground is all about what’s new, hot and next.

From the moment you land you can’t help but be in awe of how much Dubai has built in just 48 years and how much is still left to come. With plans to host this year’s World Expo (The first to be hosted by an Arab nation), the city has been building new micro cities, hotels, first-class restaurants and more. For Dubai, the future is now.

Travelista Ty Renee (@iamtyrenee) got to experience a piece of the area’s magic on a recent baecation. From poolside lounging to exploring the desert and day trips to Abu Dhabi, Ty’s future with her bae is looking pretty bright.

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