Black Travel Vibes: Unplug From It All In Fiji
Photo Credit: @sixxthwonder

Fiji is a destination that holds the top spot on many travel wish lists and is arguably one of the most beautiful places you will ever lay eyes on. It is one of 22 small island countries and territories that include Samoa, and Vanuatu in the South Pacific.

Ask anyone who has visited the island chain and they’ll tell you that it feels as if the entire country was made for rest and relaxation. Overwater bungalows, deserted sandbanks perfect for romantic picnics and beaches where you can easily spend hours letting the day drift away, are just a few of the reasons why travelers love escaping to Fiji.

ESSENCE caught up with one busy jetsetter, Kennedy Johnson (@sixxthwonder), Founder of Green Book Travel, who recently took the plunge and traveled to Fiji for some much needed unplugging to find out what makes the island the perfect escape, her favorite foods and why she will definitely be back.

What makes Fiji the perfect place for relaxation?

Kennedy Johnson: From the moment you land you are greeted with the Bula spirit -a very friendly welcome. Then you’re introduced to Fiji time. Fijians know how to relax and the landscape provides postcard-perfect scenery of beautiful tropical islands, sandy beaches and picturesque sunsets making it an idyllic paradise to rejuvenate.

What’s a dish visitors must try and why?
My favorite foods were off the land. The vegetables, coconut, and fish are amazing! You must try Indo-Fijian prepared seafood. My favorite was the fresh lobster prepared with coconut milk, curry, and spicy chiles. Also try kava, the traditional drink of Fiji made from the root of a pepper plant mixed with water. The mixture looks like muddy water and makes your lips tingle, while the earthly taste relaxes you.

Favorite activity when you’re not relaxing on the beach?
I enjoy soaking up the sun at the infinity pool or boating to sandbars or Cloud 9-a bar in the middle of the ocean.

How did you prep for the long flight?
By enjoying a few glasses of champagne in the limousine on the way to the airport. Los Angeles’ traffic can be maddening so to keep the vibes at an all-time high, a chauffeured car service was the perfect solution for relaxation and comfort.

Would you return to Fiji?
I would absolutely return! I didn’t get a chance to swim with the sharks due to the weather so it’s a must that I return. I would also like to explore the rainforest, national heritage parks and I can’t resist more sea, sun, and sand!