While many may know Hawaii as the perfect romance destination due to its magnificent landscapes and summer sunshine all year round, this tropical paradise is also the ideal destination for Black girl adventurers seeking their next thrill. The opportunity to dive deeper into the beauty of the island — by land, sea, or sky — lies at the tip of your fingers, and in many different forms. The islands are filled with mountains, volcanoes, beaches, cliffs, waterfalls, waves, reefs, sea life and so much more.

So who said Black girls weren’t adventurous enough? 

The best part about all of the islands, and Oahu in particular — you don’t have to be an adrenaline seeking super athlete to really just explore the island off the beaten path. Sometimes it’s all about stepping outside of your comfort zone and taking a leap of faith. So if you’ve ever thought about shark swimming, doors off helicopter tours, ATV off-roading, zip lines, surfing, and are looking for an all-inclusive vacation experience — which includes an amazing hotel with top notch amenities, and recommended attractions — the Alohilani Resort Waikiki Beach launched a “Thrillist” package which offers adrenaline pumping exploration of Oahu by land, sea and air. 

Here are a few ways you’ll be able to take your bucket list to the next level.

Take a surf lesson.

Hawaii is pretty much synonymous with surfing, so it’s already a given that you have to bite the surf bug at least once while you’re on the island. Waikiki, on the island of Oahu, offers picture perfect waves for beginners through to pros — so don’t fret about getting started. Kai Sallas Pro Surf School is the perfect gateway to an introductory experience as their instructors lead you through the warm waters and friendly waves to an experience you never imagined would be so fun. But don’t get it twisted — you’re also in for a workout too! But this one will be much better than hitting the gym.


Swim with the sharks.

If you’re looking to test how strong your relationship is with God, then shark cage diving is the way to go (because prayers work, y’all). North Shore Shark Adventures is just off the coast of Oahu’s scenic North Shore, and will take you on  three-mile boat ride out into the deep blue where you’ll warm up to the marine life first by spotting green sea turtles, dolphins and humpback whales. Once your captain picks a spot, your adrenaline and your appetite will build as the crew throws bloody fish guts into the water and tells you to jump in whenever they see fins. Anything for the sake of Instagram, you’ll then find yourself submerged for 20 minutes in a steel cage in what will be one of the most heart pumping experiences of your life.

Explore ocean wildlife.

If you’re looking for something a little milder than swimming with the sharks — yes, you are in luck. Wild Side Specialty Tours offers whale watching and the ability to swim with wild dolphins on a charter around Oahu, with a certified marine biologist crew, making it fun and educational. The best part is that you get the opportunity to swim with dolphins in their natural habitat, no captivity, no abuse, just nature at its best, this is the one.

Hike your heart away to see the scenic North Shore.

Hike, pray love? That’s pretty much one of the best ways to cross two things off of your to do list at once: work out and marvel at the beauty of the destination from high up on a cliff top. From easy terrain hikes that last only 20 minutes, to scaling across mountain ridges some many thousand feet above the ground as you stare at the beauty of Hawaii from above, there’s something for every level of adventure.