Beauty Boss Erika Liles Shows You The Wonders Of Namibia Her Way
Photo Credit: Photo Credit: @Trevor_Zondi for @AndyTosh

On a daily basis, Erika Liles lives her life surrounded by pretty things. As the creator of Every Hue Beauty and wife to music industry legend Kevin Liles, it’s safe to say that she knows a thing or two about what’s going to catch your eye. But when Liles was in search of a beauty that went beyond skin deep, she looked to Maiden Voyage Africa for the experience of a lifetime.

Liles was a part of an invite only group to witness Namibia’s ‘year of return’ celebration. The crew, which included Liles, Derrick ‘DNice’ Jones, Spotify’s Chaka Zulu, and other industry players, began a journey that was as much about exploration as it was about creating a bridge between African Diaspora and African-American communities. The result? An adventure that showed her guests and the world the beauty of Namibia through their eyes.

From standing on the shores of Walvis Bay in awe of where the ocean meets ancient sands to celebrating the spirit of the Himba women in Swakopmund and climbing sand dunes in Sossusvlei, the group discovered a side of Africa that they never dreamed of. And trust us, after a look at their epic journey, you’ll see the beauty of Namibia too.