Black Travel Vibes: Live Like A Queen Amongst Egypt’s Ancient Wonders
Photo Credit:@itsrichrush

Towering temples, Valley of Kings, the Great Sphinx and the majestic Nile River can all be found in one majestic place – Egypt. We’ve always been the descendants of kings and queens, so it’s only natural that as travelers we are drawn to one of the many places in the world that speak to our long and rich heritage on this earth.

Wouldn’t it be great to walk among the spirits of our decadent ancestors and feel like royalty? Yep! This is why a trip to Egypt is high on many Black travelers’ bucket list. One globetrotter, Richie-Ann Rushell (@itsrichrush) donned her crown and headed to the north African nation on a royal adventure. From the ancient sites to her fabulous wardrobe, Richie-Ann explored Egypt like a queen.

Between our expert guide and these epic photos, we predict you’ll be booking a flight for your own Egyptian getaway ASAP.

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