Each day, more and more people are becoming vaccinated against COVID-19, offering a glimmer of hope that some sense of normalcy will return by summer 2021. In fact, the reality will likely come sooner than we think: The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) even released an official statement that vaccinated people can safely engage in many activities

For travelers, this is quite possibly the best news yet, since many have opted away from travel until they received their vaccination. In fact, seventy-six percent of potential travelers would be as or more likely to travel to a destination or with a provider that requires proof of the COVID-19 vaccine (such as a vaccine passport), according to a new study by The Points Guy. Thankfully, several destinations have started doing this, with Iceland, Seychelles and Belize already welcoming visitors who have received their COVID-19 vaccines.

Of course, you can still travel — vaccine or not. Though, there are a few destinations that everyone is setting their sights on now that they’ve received their vaccine. If you’re plotting your post-quarantine getaway, here are a few destinations that should be on your radar.