Stepping into Disney World is unlike any other adventure you can have with your family. And for the Lewis family, the experience has been like no-other. 

Jessica and her husband Jovahn first created their tradition of traveling to Walt Disney World when their son, Jovahn Jr., was only five years old. “We started this annual trip for our family because Jovahn and I both work very hard when we are not on vacation,” says Jessica. “We wanted to go somewhere that provides entertainment for all ages and Disney is the ideal place for that,” says Jessica. “You can go to the park during the day and then have dinner and watch the fireworks at night. The memories that we have created are priceless.” 

Last year we met up with Jessica, her husband and two children as they explored Disney’s Hollywood Studios. That trip was incredibly special, as it marked their first Disney vacation as a family of four and also served as a celebration of life after their daughter Belle had been hospitalized and later diagnosed with an auto-immune disease. “To see her experience the mountain of joy we have had here was amazing,” says Jessica. “We prayed for her to get better and once she did, we visited Walt Disney World to celebrate! It was great!”

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Now they are back, and this time they decided to bring the grandparents along for the fun! “We live in Colorado and Jovahn’s parents live in Georgia, so it can be a challenge to get our quality time in,” explains Jessica. Now traveling as a squad of six, the Lewis crew was able to meet up in Orlando. “It was important for the grandparents to attend this year because we wanted them to experience the same joy that we experience at Disney with our children, and build lasting memories for years to come,” says Jessica. “Plus, the children always have a blast when they are with their grandparents, so it was pretty great to see the entire family unwind and enjoy time together.”

Creating these memories for their children provides a foundation that Jessica hopes they remember when they have their own kids someday. “Our children will look back on this moment and hopefully feel the same we felt during this time, happiness and love,” says Jessica. It’s also just as vital for Jessica and Jovahn to carve out some much-needed time for themselves. So, while Belle and Jovahn Jr. explored with their grandparents, the couple was able to get away for a little alone time at Disney Springs. “It was the perfect setting for the night,” says Jessica. “It was definitely magical.”

Vacationing with her family really has a deep and positive impact on Jessica’s life. “When I am at Disney, I appreciate the little things even more. Seeing everyone enjoy themselves makes me happy and I look forward to going to Disney every year,” says Jessica. “I am grateful for the experience because I get to share it with the people that I love.”

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