Visit Cuba And Go Back In Time
Photo Credit: @pinkdreamsz

Attention, attention! Despite what you may have heard in the news recently, Americans can still travel to Cuba. You heard us correctly, experiencing the vibrant beauty and culture of the island nation is still within reach.

Though President Trump has made it significantly more difficult to visit the Caribbean island – including revoking the once popular People to People travel option – Americans can still go under the ‘support for the Cuban people’ visa category. In fact, many tour companies are still operating group trips under the category, and many American-based airlines like Jetblue, Delta, and United continue to offer scheduled flights to Cuba.

Basically, start planning your trip! Since we have no idea how much longer the doors of Cuba will be open to us, now is the time to go on this bucket list adventure. One jetsetter, @pinkdreamsz, recently journeyed to Cuba and took her followers on a tour to the past as she explored the timeless city of Havana. Check out more photos from her trip and take notes from our exclusive guide so that you too can visit too before it’s too late.

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