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The Cheapest Place To Travel In April

Time to book your flights and pack your bags. 
The Cheapest Place To Travel In April
Dragan Radojevic

This article originally appeared on Travel + Leisure

Travelers who want to count on getting a great deal in the month of April don’t need to wait for an epic flash sale. According to data pulled by global hotel booking site Booking.com, Avalon, California is the best place to travel this April.

Of course, it’s hard to imagine a bad time to visit Avalon (a city on Catalina Island, just off the coast of Southern California). But April is just before the peak summer season, meaning the crowds are particularly thin this time of year.

In addition to savings of up to 49 percent — compared to the most expensive time of the year to visit — Avalon was selected because steeply discounted hotel rooms aren’t a result of crummy weather. Travelers heading west this month will enjoy both attractive pricing as well as appealing temperatures, compared to other weeks in the same city.

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For the absolute best deals, travelers should head to Avalon during the third week of the month.

Interested in something a bit more far-flung? The cheapest international destination to visit in April is Gubbio, Italy. During the last week of the month, hotel rates are 35 percent cheaper in this charming town in Umbria. It’s an excellent time to check out the region’s burgeoning craft beer scene.