The travel life is great – mesmerizing locales, beautiful beaches perfect for “Formation” photos with the girls and of course, bragging rights. But if you’re really trying to earn your stripes in this global game, you’ll need more than a few stamps in a little book to get to the top. Put your big girl panties on and turn your adventures up a notch with a few bucket list thrills that are sure to make you question all your life decisions…or make you crap your pants, but you can just edit that part out before you post it to the ‘gram.

Need For Speed

Think men are the only ones who enjoy fast cars? Wrong! Find out what you’re really made of when you jet set over to Abu Dhabi and head to Yas Marina Circuit. After a brief lesson from your racing instructor, suit up and get behind the wheel of a Formula Yas 3000, Aston Martin Vantage GT4, Mercedes-AMG GTS, Ferrari 458 GT or Jaguar F-Type S Coupe to test your need for speed on a Formula 1 racetrack. Make Dom and the rest of The Fast and The Furious crew proud.

Cold As Ice

Soothing massages, with aromatherapy oils and steam room sessions, are so blah. Haikko Manor in Finland is going to change the way you chill with their Super Cold Treatment. Suit up for the experience with your cutest bathing suit, headgear to protect your ears, mittens and cozy socks. Next, you’ll feel your body temperature slowly drop through a series of treatments leading up to the main event. One of these treatments involves a dip in water that’s an icy -120°C for the longest 1 to 3 minutes of your life. You’re freezing your butt off, but for good reason: the Super Cold Treatment has long been used to ease the pain of rheumatic diseases, sleeping disorders, stress symptoms and skin diseases like psoriasis.

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Jump, Jump

If your grandma loves to ask, “If everyone jumped off a building, would you do it too?” You’ll now have an answer. Most people head to China to visit cultural attractions like the Great Wall, but not you. You’re traveling to China to jump off the side of a building. One of the world’s highest bungee jumps, the Macau Tower, allows the fearless to leap from a platform located 764 feet above the ground. Jumpers experience the ultimate free fall experience before slowing down just 98 feet from the ground and rebounding back up. This is what leaps of faith are all about right?

Run for Your Life

When it comes to living your best life, you’ve got to just grab the bull by the horns and take a chance. And lucky for you, Spain is home to an annual event that gives you the opportunity to do just that — if you can run fast enough. The Bull Run event occurs during the nine-day festival in San Fermín (July 6-14) in Pamplona, Spain. Fifteen bulls charge through the streets of the old city, to be herded into the bullring. The fear of possibly being trampled by a bull will definitely give you an adrenaline rush unlike any other experience. Bonus, this male-dominated event rarely sees women, so grab a few of your homegirls and sprinkle some #BlackGirlMagic on the streets of Spain.

Jaws Ain’t Got Nothing on You

Standing in shallow water surrounded by harmless Nurse Sharks somewhere in the Bahamas is cute, but we aren’t here for cute, right? If you’re feeling brave (or want to fake it for bae), head to the Maldives, Mexico or the Philippines and boss it up while swimming with the largest fish in the sea — the whale shark. Fun fact: Whale sharks do not eat meat (a.k.a. humans), however, they do inhale their food by swimming with their mouths open. It’s worth noting, their mouths that are about five feet wide. How tall are you again?