Black Travel Vibes: Mexico Is The Perfect Long Weekend Escape
Photo Credit: @simplycyn

It may seem like a basic destination in comparison to popular hotspots like Thailand or South Africa, but Mexico is far from your average getaway. A favorite among travelers year after year, Mexico offers everything you can find in other countries – culture, food, beaches, nature, bucket list adventures, wellness and more – but at a super affordable price.

Another thing that keeps Mexico at the top of travel wishlists is the fact that you don’t need to travel halfway across the globe to get there. Unlike other places, an escape to Mexico won’t eat up days of your PTO. You can go from your desk to the beach in just a few hours, and enjoy a fulfilling vacation over a long weekend.

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New York City-based attorney and travel influencer Cynthia Andrew (@simplycyn) knows better than most how precious time is, and uses her long weekends away from work to travel to some of the most stunning destinations in the world. Recently she indulged in a quick jaunt to Mexico and from the look of her photos, it was the perfect escape.


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