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Black Travel Vibes: Embrace Your Inner Daredevil In Zambia

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Black Travel Vibes: Embrace Your Inner Daredevil In Zambia
Photo Credit: @walkwithmswalker

Landlocked by several African nations, including Zimbabwe and Botswana, the country of Zambia is a breathtaking natural beauty waiting to be truly discovered. Often times the sheer size of its borders deters would-be explorers from visiting, but for those that make the journey, it is one they never forget.

One travelista who recently decided to conquers her fears and her bucket list on a recent trip to Zambia is Dev Walker (@walkwithmswalker). It took a boat ride, a rocky walk and a swim for Dev to experience the epic majesty of the Devil’s Pool, but she’ll tell you it was well worth it.

The flowing waters from the Kafue, Luangwa, and Zambezi rivers, diverse wildlife and mesmerizing wonders like Victoria Falls provide travelers with exhilarating adventures that often take them to places many of their peers have never seen.

Check out our exclusive guide to Zambia below and make sure you take notes, so next time the jetsetter on a fearless African adventure is you!