Black Travel Moment Of The Day: This Woman Happily Swinging On The Beach in Tobago Will Make Your Monday
Photo Credit: Rebel Nikks
It’s been two weeks since Trinidad Carnival took the world by storm with non-stop fetes and celebrity revelers. Even though we have plenty of other soca filled moments to indulge in this year, tabanca has definitely set in, and we are counting the minutes until we’re on the road again. But party-filled streets aren’t all there is to the Caribbean islands of Trinidad and Tobago, the islands are filled with a serene and natural beauty that often gets lost in the carnival hype. Trinidadian born, New York City raised Rebel Nikks decided to spend some time after carnival exploring her childhood homeland, and the photo she captured on the shores of Englishman’s Bay in Tobago was the simple joy we didn’t even know we needed today. If you were looking for a bright spot in your otherwise hectic Monday, one look at these photos will definitely remind you that in this thing called life, the simplest moments often fill us up with the greatest joy.