Black Travel Moment of the Day: This Couple Leveled Up Their Romantic Gondola Ride In Italy
Photo Credit: @de_coyeia
Just picture it: You, bae, the classic sights of Italy and a romantic moment made for two. Sounds like something to add to your vision board right? Well for De’Coyeia and his love, that moment was very real – in fact, it was picture perfect. The couple recently headed to Venice for a romantic baecation just in time for the city’s annual carnival. During the getaway, the pair took one of Venice’s iconic gondola rides wearing carnival masks of course (because what’s romance without a little mystery?), and the moment was everything. If you and your bae want to add some mystery to your getaway next year, the Carnival of Venice will be held from February 8 – 25, 2020. Airlines like Delta and United offer nonstop service into Venice’s Marco Polo Airport, or if you’re already in another part of Italy, you can take a train into one of the city’s two train stations.  Take your own Venetian gondola ride from along the Grand Canal, or for a slightly more peaceful experience, venture a few blocks away from the main area near San Marco. Maybe next year it will you and your love behind the masks in Italy!