Black Travel Moment of the Day: These Photos Will Make You Book A Last-Minute Getaway To Cape Town
Photo Credit: @thequeenofvacations
Spring weather is cool and all, but if we’re really honest with ourselves, spring is nothing but a tease keeping us from what we really want – summer! We don’t know about you, but this in-between weather has us longing for the days where we can let the toes out, buy swimsuits with the buns out, and just let our melanin drip. That’s why when we saw these photos of jetsetter Samantha, a.k.a. the “The Queen of Vacations,” on her Cape Town, South Africa getaway, we were immediately filled with travel envy – and body goals. Can you say hello curves?! Late fall through early spring in the U.S. is the perfect time to catch a flight to South Africa for some summer fun. Many airlines offer direct or limited layover flights to both Johannesburg and Cape Town year round, and no matter where you choose to start your adventure, flights between the two cities can be found on sites like Expedia for affordable prices. If you’re trying to relive Samantha’s hot moment, Muizenberg Beach in Cape Town is located just 30 minutes from city center, and the bohemian seaside village is full of fun activities for all ages. Don’t worry Samantha, the rest of us will be right behind you living our best summer lives soon enough.


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