7 Places To Visit to Pamper Your Body and Soul
Do you need a reset? Wellness travel has become increasingly popular, as black women are now trying to preserve their mental health and sanity, while juggling the obligations that come with living in our society. That means taking time off to reflect, to challenge yourself to try new things, to visit new places and to come back a better version of you. It’s a proven fact that time spent taking care of yourself can benefit the mind, body and spirit. Self-care translates to increased happiness, more vitality, increased productivity and lowered stress. And who wouldn’t want each of these things? The numbers in fact, don’t lie. It’s not only Black women who are taking advantage of this new way to travel. International and domestic wellness tourism accounted for $563 billion in 2015, according to the Global Wellness Institute (a nonprofit devoted to health and wellness education), and is expected to account for as much as $808 billion by 2020. Here are a few places where you can step away from routine commitments and reboot.  


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