How To See Black Paris on a Moped For The Low
Photo Credit: Cieja Springer

In the September 2019 issue, we gave you the Cool Girls Guide to Paris and now we’re going to tell you exactly how you can see and experience some of our influencer’s favorite spots via Uber. Launching next month and just in time for your New Year or Holiday travel, Uber has partnered with Cityscoot – the first service in Paris that provides access to electric scooters – to give you the best that the city has to offer.

How does it work? Once you log into your Uber app, you will be given the option to choose an e-moped. Once selected, you’ll be given instructions on where to pick up, they’re never more than 2 mins away, and you’ll receive your 4-digit code to unlock the e-moped and start your ride. Don’t be afraid to hop off your bike and explore the destinations below, your ride will pause once it’s in park and fees will resume when you get back on the e-moped. And since scooting around is the way of life in Paris, you can pretty much leave the e-moped anywhere without fear of theft – no code, no ride.

So where can you go? Anywhere en Paris, more importantly, the recommended Cool Girls Guide to Black Paris destinations. Here are a few places we suggest you try out if you happen to be traveling to Paris in November or beyond. Using a central spot in Paris like the Hotel Le Meurice, which is located at 228 rue de Rivoli in the first arrondissement and near the Place Vendome as a starting point, I’m going to tell you just how affordable and quick it is to check out these spots. The rates and travel times are all presuming that your accommodations will be somewhere near here, but don’t worry, perusing through the city on an e-moped has an average time of 14 min according to Cityscoot.

If you’ve never rode a moped before, fret not, you can take free lessons before hoping on and beginning your exploration. If you’re a frequent traveler to Europe, especially to Paris, you’d totally understand why this partnership is amazing and if you aren’t, you will quickly learn why. The traffic in Paris is wretched, but now you’ll be able to zoom through the congestion to hit your favorite or soon to be favorite spots. And you guys, its cheap as hell!

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Allons-Y! Take your e-moped to Le Marais and walk the Riverbank of Saint Germaine as model and influencer Flora Coquerel suggested. It cost a mere $3.41 and its only a 14 min ride. Hungry? Book a ped for a quick 11 min ride and head to Le Maquis– it’ll cost you $2.67. If that’s not enough and you need more, take a quick 9 min trip to Etienne Marcel, which has lots of restaurants and shops according Anais B, DJ, producer and designer.

Kimberly Anthony stated in our September 2019 issue that Strasbourg-Saint Denis is “… loud as hell, but if you’re trying to get your hair and nails done…..this is for you!” and Uber e-moped can get you there for $2 in 8 mins. And after you’ve had the chance to see all of this, go back to your room somewhere near the Place Vendome and then hit up Boulom a French-African restaurant and lounge mentioned by Adama Amanda Ndiaye, for $3.41, you’ll be there in 14 mins.

Uber says its goal in general is to become a one-stop shop for your transportation needs and in Paris specifically, mopeds are a way of life. Uber chose Cityscoot because of their focus on customer service and operational prowess. When this launch becomes available, 4,000 e-mopeds will be accessible to riders and will make Paris home to ubers largest offering of mobility options around the world.

If safety is a concern, every trip is covered by Allianz France all-risks insurance, comes with free lessons (as many as you would like to take), a helmet, has a speed limit of 45 km/h about 30 mph and a protective apron that covers the legs that includes a transparent tactile pouch to use your phones GPS. All you have to have is a license, some gloves and a sense of adventure. While I did not get a chance to ride around Paris on the Uber e-moped, my quick riding lesson was fun! Paris and Uber e-moped are certainly on the list for my next must-do experience.


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