10 Times Black Men Found Joy Seeing The World
Photo Credit: @zikomo.b

When it comes to travel, we talk a lot about the adventures, the food, the people and all the amazing places to stay, but what about how the journey makes you feel? What about the euphoria that comes over you when you get on a plane to a place that you’ve always dreamed of? How does it feel in that moment when you’re in some exotic place surround by your boys and realize ‘mama, I made it?’

For many Black men, the road hasn’t always been easy, but as more and more brothas adjust their crowns, life is getting better and they are taking full advantage of it one global getaway at a time. We’ve found a few jetsetting men who are letting their inner #blackboyjoy shine from Canada to Ghana and they are giving us all the feels.

If you needed something to brighten your day, these photos are just what you were looking for. Because you know what they say, every time Black men smile you know everything in the world is gonna be okay. Smile on fellas!

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