From A Free WiFi Password Finder To A Packing Checklist Generator, These 10 Travel Apps Are Life
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Calling all world-travelers and wanderlust spirits tired of getting stuck in a WiFi dead zone or forgetting to pack the right all in one travel adapter. We’ve got you! We rounded up the best and most useful travel apps for your next vacay. If they aren’t already on your phone, you’re missing out. 1. Hopper Can your travel agent analyze up to 15 billion flight prices every day and predict, with 95% accuracy, the cheapest airfare price in the future? No? Hopper will tell you the cheapest days to fly to wherever you want to go and when to buy your ticket. It will watch ticket prices for you and notify you when the price drops, saving you up to 40% on your flight. You can even purchase your tickets from the app. 2. TripIt Forward your confirmation emails to TripIt or add and edit your plans manually and this travel organizer will collect all the details of your trip in one place. The app will then create a master itinerary for your trip, telling you where and when to go. You can use the app offline to access your reservation number, flight number, hotel booking, car reservation when there is no Internet access for miles. 3. Packpoint If you are prone to overpacking but you still always forget the essentials, then you need Packpoint. It will generate a packing checklist for you based on your destination, the weather while there, the different activities you have planned and even how long you plan to stay. 4. Hotel Tonight Hotel Tonight will find you remarkable hotels at last-minute discounted rates. You can now afford to play it by ear until you reach your destination because when hotels have unsold rooms, they are loaded on this app and you can book them at the lowest rate for tonight, tomorrow or whenever. 5. Google Translate Traveling to France and your French is limited to “je ne sais quoi”? Don’t sweat. Google translate, which supports over 100 languages, can convert words, phrases and even short sentences from one language to another. The app also has a visual translation feature, which allows you to take a picture instead of typing in text and whatever is on the picture will be instantly translated for you. 6. WiFi Map This app will find all the free WiFi hotspots in your location and provide you with the passwords. The list is crowdsourced and currently has over 100 million hotspots worldwide. You can also download free offline maps and passwords before you reach some cities. 7. XE Currency What is the current Dollar/Yen exchange rate? This foreign exchange app converts live currency markets around the world at your fingertips. Punch in the local amount while you are haggling for that scarf at the market and the app will accurately tell you how much that amounts to in U.S. dollars. 8. Kayak You’ve seen their commercial on TV. Kayak is one of the most popular travel search engines. It will help you quickly search the best travel options and find the cheapest prices for flights, hotels and short-term rentals, car rental, even vacation packages. You can sign up for price alerts via email or on the app. 9. WhatsApp This app, which is popular worldwide, allows you to send text messages, make phone and video calls for free using your phone’s Internet connection. This way you will avoid SMS fees, international calling charges and depleting your plan’s voice minutes. You will want to continue using it when you return from your vacation to keep up with all the friends you made abroad. 10. Google Maps Get clear directions, mass transit directions, download city maps offline, and more. That is what makes Google Maps a must-have app for your travels. You will never miss your bus or train stop again because the app buzzes when it is time to get off. It will also notify you when you need to leave for the airport so you don’t miss your flight to your next destination.


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