Though it’s mainly known for being the homeland of superstar and ultimate boss babe, Rihanna, the idyllic island of Barbados is a beautiful, vibrant nation in the Caribbean sea that has become a major hot spot for American travelers.

The country is stunning and filled with sick views of mountains, lush tropical greenery, and surrounded by crystal clear blue water. Bajan people are extremely friendly and have a knack for making you feel at home. By the end of your trip, you’ll blend right in with the locals.

During my time on the island, I had the pleasure of staying at two spectacular resorts, The Colony Club and Waves. Both properties were stunning with two distinctly different characteristics and their own signature scents. A complimentary water taxi allows you to easily move between the two which is super convenient for families and groups.

While the beaches on the island are undoubtedly a huge draw, it is the buzzing food scene that really keeps visitors to Barbados coming back for more. Leading the movement is Elegant Hotels phenomenal chefs who whip up traditional Bajan cuisine infused with modern dishes that are all influenced by local tastes.

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From island staples like Cou Cou and the Bajan delicacy Conkies, to barracuda, roti, breadfruit, and macaroni pie, I couldn’t help but feel like my tastebuds were awakened for the first time. Everything was extremely fresh and mouthwatering, and every bite made me fall in love with Bajan cuisine. I loved the food in Barbados so much that I left with a bottle of local seasoning so I could recreate the flavors at home.

Interestingly enough, Barbados has just as many rum shops as it has churches. It’s safe to say that the island takes rum very seriously. From Waves’s signature Rum Basil Fizz to Colony Club’s Rum Vault, it’s hard to leave the island without becoming a rum fan.

Take a closer look into my food diary of the trip below:

If you’re a fan of Bajan cuisine looking to expand your palate, or are in need of the perfect gift the foodie in your life, pick up the limited-edition cookbook, Taste to test-drive all the amazing recipes from Elegant Hotels’ amazing culinary team and get a taste of Barbados while being in the comfort of your own home.