Black Travel Vibes: Aruba Is One Happy Island You Need To Visit
Photo Credit: @thebizzyboss

People love to throw shade on travel to the Caribbean but if you ask us, there’s nothing better. Amazing food, nonstop fetes, endless beaches and easy access from most major U.S. cities make the islands the perfect escape.

One place that consistently puts a smile on our faces is the idyllic island of Aruba. Literally called “One Happy Island,” there’s no way you can visit Aruba and not be filled with joy. Sunshine, friendly locals, island hopping and pink flamingos (who can be mad around flamingos) are just a few of the things that will make you, well, happy.

Don’t believe us? Just ask CPA and jetsetter Niya (@thebizzyboss), who recently took a trip to picturesque Aruba and the happiness is written all over her face. Check out a few photos from her Caribbean adventure and take notes from our guide so you can stop worrying and get happy planning a trip of your own.