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4 Tips for Planning Your Next Girls Trip: An Outdoor Adventure

4 Tips for Planning Your Next Girls Trip: An Outdoor Adventure
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Now that the hustle and bustle of summer is behind us, it’s the perfect time to plan a getaway with your girls. Get ready for a weekend in the wild with your crew of fun, fearless females.

Check out these four tips filled with Insta-worthy ideas for planning a trip this fall with your besties.

Choose Your Own Adventure
Decide as a group what you want to do. Get together at the local coffee shop or on Zoom if you’re scattered around the country (or the world!) to talk through your dream weekend. Everyone will come with their own ideas—from kayaking to leaf peeping to hiking, there are so many ways to make memories outdoors.

Find Your Location
Once you know your favorite activities, it’s time to pick a destination. Brainstorm the places you could go to check off your bucket list—iconic locations are always awesome, but lesser-known places can be just as fun too! Cross reference your wish list with everyone’s homebase to find your ideal vaca spot, not all people live near a major airport, some friends may only want to drive, etc.

Create Your Itinerary
As you plan your adventure, you may find you want to DIY it—but you might prefer to use a tour company or even hire a guide to help you out. No matter what route you take, great resources can be found from the National Park Service. Click here for trail guides and here for a great list of national parks. If you’re exploring campsites, the National Park Foundation site is a must.

Get Your Gear
You can almost smell the crisp fall air, but there is one thing you need to do first—and that’s get the right gear. Our top items are backpacks, clothes, shoes, and a water bottle, plus a tent if you’re camping. We are loving these trail pants from Outdoor Afro Inc. + REI Co-op, they can tackle the trails, but look good enough for you to wear anywhere. Grab a shell jacket, it can pack easily and provide great coverage—this one from Outdoor Afro Inc. + REI Co-op has a fun ’80s flair you’ll love. As for your feet, for rugged terrain, we love these HOKA trail-running shoes, but if hiking is more your speed, check out these waterproof boots by Outdoor Afro Inc. + REI Co-op and add a bandana to help wick sweat away, this one by Outdoor Afro Inc. + REI Co-op is a great option for natural hair! A lightweight daypack is essential for hikes and adventuring—and we love this one by REI. And don’t forget a great water bottle like this one, hydration is everything when you’re outdoors. And finally, this tent is only 4 pounds and sleep 2 people, but if you want something larger try this 4-person option.

Now you’re officially ready to blaze some trails. As you’re planning, check
out REI for expert advice and the best gear to guarantee a great time.