With Spring just a hop, skip, and a jump away, the need to pack your bags and head out on a fabulous trip is rolling in right along with it. Whether your plan is to head out on a romantic vacation for two, jump in your car and experience your first cross country trip with the girls, or take that family vacation you’ve always been dreaming of, the warmer weather always produces the need to get out and see something new!

Although your ambitions to travel may be on 10, when putting together the perfect trip, your budget can quickly drop down to a five. From car rentals, flights, food, and spending money, everything can rack up and begin to put you over your target amount. To make matters worse, the cost of lodging at some hotels are through the roof!

As always though, we’re here to put your frets to rest with a little info on how to get the most bang for your (affordable) buck and potentially give you a few ideas of places to travel that may not have been on your radar.

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So, travelers unite and check out our roundup of luxury hotels under $200/night!