The 15 Best Black Travel Moments You Missed This Week: Peace & Love From Cuba

We make travel look good! To keep you inspired, here are fifteen fierce and fun Black travel moments curated by Soul Society 101.

Soul Society 101 Nov, 18, 2016

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But first, an usie in the United Arab Emirates.

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What happiness looks like Egypt.

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Chasing waterfalls in Iceland.

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Cultural experiences in India.

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When you know you’re number 1 in Greece.

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Girlfriends under the Eiffel Tower.

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Let traveling far bring you closer #Thailand.

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New friends in South Africa.

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The joys of being abroad in China.

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Feeling legendary United Arab Emirates.

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Views from the top of Thailand.

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Peace of mind might be somewhere else South Africa.

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Sometimes you travel to do nothing at all in Aruba.

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Island vibes in Jamaica.

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Peace & love from Cuba.