10 Times Tracee Ellis Ross Inspired Us To Travel Solo
Photo Credit: Tracee Ellis Ross/IG

Actress Tracee Ellis Ross is celebrates for a lot of things, she’s one of our favorite Girlfriends, our ultimate hair crush, and daughter to living legend Diana Ross. However, a quick glimpse of her Instagram feed shows us a side to Ms. Ross that you wouldn’t necessarily expect – she’s a lover of solo travel.

It’s no secret that Ross is happily single and proud of it, so she’s not waiting for a man or friends to catch flights. She’s living life on her own terms and having the time of her life doing so. At any given moment you can find the style icon on a solo escape dancing like no one’s watching, capturing herself in front of the perfect sunset, taking selfies in the pool or snapping a thirst trap pic or two to let the Internet streets know that at 47-years-old, she can still bring the boys to the yard.

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It’s that time again…

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For so many women, solo travel can feel like a scary adventure, but if there’s one thing that Ross proves, it’s that life is for the living and fear is not an option. Check out a few of our favorite photos from Tracee Ellis Ross’ solo adventures that are sure to make you want to find your own inner sexy and live life to the fullest.

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