15 Feel Good Holiday Traditions You Should Never Get Over

From trimming the tree while playing Christmas songs to baking holdiay treats, these are the timeless traditions we'll never (ever) get tired of and you shouldn't either.

Lauren Porter Nov, 22, 2016

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We have to admit, some of the holiday movies we love are very very corny but that doesn’t stop their magic. Curling up on the couch with some hot cocoa or a glass full of eggnog while enjoying the 25 Days of Christmas? Holiday bliss. What’s your favorite holiday movie?

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The magic of picking out the perfect Christmas tree to have your living room smelling like a pine tree is unmatched. Pulling out ornaments from years past, stringing out lights and hanging candy canes on the perfect tree is still one of the best festive feelings ever. When do you put up your tree?

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The second it starts to get even a little bit cold, you beat we’re playing Boyz II Men’s “Let It Snow” on repeat for at least on hour followed up by Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You.” Of course an assortment of Nat King Cole, Kirk Franklin, Eartha Kitt and other carols are heard too! What’s on your Christmas playlist? 

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Raise your hand if you still can’t wait to drive to the best street in the city to look at all the lights and decorations that adorn houses year after year. (It’s ok, no need to be embarrassed!)

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Pulling out family recipes to make during the holiday is always a seasonal joy. Whether cooking with granny, making mom’s famous recipe, baking cookies with the little ones or enjoying time in the kitchen while cooking nothing all—the food is always a favorite! What are your foodie traditions this time of year?

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Something about the cold season makes the itch to give back that much stronger. How do you give back during the holidays?

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Calling all family members! No matter how crazy, loud, annoying and weird family is there is nothing like them. Loving on aunties, uncles, grandparents, cousins and friends during the holidays is simply the best. What are some of your favorite family memories and stories?

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Oh the joy of looking crazy all for the sake of a wonderfully tacky Christmas photo!

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The joy of the holidays is always felt in the air. Whether it’s donating your time, resources or presents to the less fortunate, basking in the spirit Christmas is an enjoyable feeling no matter what. What do you do to spread some cheer?

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Giant floats along with song and dance? Sign us up every single year.

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Even if you are too old to believe in Santa, you better believe we’re still hanging our stockings by the chimney with care just in case!

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Christmas morning, running down the stairs to open gifts leaving wrapping paper thrown about the room is a joy best felt no matter how old you are! Does your family open presents at midnight or wait until the morning to exchange and open presents?

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Ice skating helps personify a winter wonderland. Whether with the kids or the one you love, hitting the ice is so magical? What’s your favorite holiday activity?

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There is something fulfilling about watching someone’s face light up when they unwrap a present from an anonymous gifter…or the horror written across their face when the gift is totally wrong! Do you have any secret santa stories?

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We expect a new pair coordinating Christmas PJ’s as a present every year. No exceptions!